Ladurée ❤

Walking down JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence), Dubai , we came across Ladurée and Mama couldn’t believe her eyes. She’s been excited about Ladurée ever since her eyes fell on one of the pictures on Instagram.

Having followed them on Instagram for a very long time and admiring the beauty of their etiquette, it was time we paid a visit to Ladurée and so we did!

Ladurée being such a beautiful place with even prettier décor, Mama and I were literally awed. The whole place from ceiling to the walls, the lighting to the floors, the tableware to the colours; everything! It was our aesthetic.

A sense of French décor giving me all the happiness I could ask for. As soon as I looked through that glass window – not even opened the door yet! – I fell in love <3

We were immediately welcomed by a very kind lady with a very cute apron as we walked through the door – this helped with our not so fancy and fitting for the theme clothing choice; we didn’t feel out of place like we thought we would before walking in.

Who walks into a fancy restaurant/café wearing clothes ready for the beach?


The variety of desserts through the glass counter was just … beautiful.

Obviously chocolate caught my eye but the variety of macaroons was just too pleasing to the eye.

*insert a waterfall of drool here*

None of us could decide on what to have and it was very noticeable by Sonya, who very kindly assisted us to a suitable table and offered to suggest some of their specialities.

We sat down in the beautifully designed dining area. Words really cannot explain the beauty of this place – and I can tell you the pictures do no justice either.

We were offered three menus. One being food items, another, the dessert menu and the last one being drinks.

We all opted for desserts; it’s really what me and Mama having been eyeing on Instagram ever since we heard of Ladurée!

Having decided on our desserts – me still indecisive – Sonya told us a bit about the place and Ladurée itself.

Louis Ernest Ladurée’s wife, Jeanne Souchard, had the idea of mixing styles: The Parisian café and pastry shop gave birth to one of the first tea rooms in town. (and my favourite part was when) women could gather in complete freedom.

fun fact : nobody has the right to change how anything looks like at any of the Ladurées in the whole world. They have a set interior layout themes and cannot change even the slightest. This even includes table layout, food layout and even where their things come from. For example, their cutlery and their table cloths too!

Thanks Sonya for sharing such interesting knowledge about Ladurée! Who knew the story behind Ladurée was so intense!



Baba went for the pistachio ice-cream, one of his favourite ice-cream flavours!

This ice-cream so creamy and FULL of pistachios and not too heavy either. Usually when I get myself a Pistachio Ice-Cream, it’s got a few pistachios here and there but this one… was literally the right amount of pistachios to call it a pistachio ice-cream. Not too much and not too less. The perfect pistachio ice-cream. Literally. I lovee pistachio Kulfi but this is better, seriously! Topped off with a bit of light whipped cream too! The steel bowl it came in made it look even better!



On to the Big Bro

He went for the Plaisir Sucre, which is a chocolate dessert. Yes, my eyes were on that dessert and obviously I got a bite (or two) from it. It was chocolate goodness and their top selling chocolate dessert. Perfectly layered, each layer of chocolate goodness. The bottom layer was dacquoise cake with crushed hazelnuts, a soft, nutty base, which I personally thought was slightly bland, however, it complemented the rest of the dessert very well. The rest of the chocolate layers weren’t too sweet but helped balance the blandness of the dacquosie cake. A super chocolatey layer of ganache topped with a light and fluffy milk chocolate Chantilly whipped cream.

I love a good praline and a layer of this added a nice cool kinda chocolatey taste and crisp to the dessert. I felt it tasted very alike The Green Triangle from the Quality Street chocolate box, which has to be my favourite one from the box. And to top the dessert, a sheet of chocolate. A high-quality dessert made accurately.

(the image makes the top chocolate layer look bigger than the rest of the dessert, but it’s because by the time I got to take a picture, the dessert had already been eaten from both sides by Big Bro and Baba!!)

Mama’s Dessert

Now that’s what I call beauty on a plate!

Mama went for a Ispahan. A dessert to lay your eyes on and fall in love straight away. Mama didn’t even want to dig into it because it was so perfect! The pinks and the rose petal ❤❤❤. Behold the rose petal…. How beautiful is this!! If this isn’t perfection to you then I dunno.

Freshly made macarons, soft and slightly chewy, to sandwich a sweet rose infused cream inside and fresh raspberries. I loved loved loved the rose infused cream. It was so niceeeeee!!! Literally the best cream I’ve ever had in my whole life.

The raspberries were very sharp in taste, which did unfortunately overpower the whole dessert. But the sweetness in the cream did bring it back slightly and pulled the dessert together.

Overall a nice dessert, which would’ve been amazing if the raspberries weren’t too sharp.

update: original recipe shows pieces of lychee between the rose infuse cream and raspberries, which we didn’t seem to get.

My Dessert

Me still indecisive, as per usual with desserts, was recommended to try out their popular and speciality by the lovely Sonya. French Toast with Syrup, aka the Le Pain Perdu tiède Ladurée. Walking into a French restaurant/café and not having a French favourite would be a big mistake. Especially if it’s the French Toast from Ladurée. This French toast was sooooo gooood!!! Literally the best French Toast ever!!!  Light and fluffy (a bit like a good crumpet – but bread softer!) and it absorbed all of the maple syrup. SOOOOO GOOD!!!!! Like, I can’t even describe how good it was. Just go and get one for yourself and you can thank me later! 😘


With the heat killing us in Dubai, we needed a good thirst quencher and we had to try out what Ladurée had to offer!

I’ve heard so much praise about the Ladurée hot chocolate, which I would’ve loved to try out, but in the Dubai heat, it’s a complete no-no! So we’ll have to leave that for next time.

Luckily all the drinks here in the Dubai branch, are alcohol-free!

Mama went for the Mint Lemonade. A cool, lemonade with mint leaves; a great taste to compliment her raspberry dessert. If you’re mint enthusiast, then this drink is definitely for you!

Baba picked the Strawberry Mojito. A simple soda based drink with a strawberry juice, fresh mint, lime and sugar cane blend. Very refreshing and I preferred this one over the Raspberry Mojito (SK went for this one!), which is a similar drink, except with raspberry juice instead of strawberry. You could really taste that sugar cane, a nice natural sweetness along with the sweetness from the fresh strawberries (and sharpness in the raspberries!)

Habib isn’t a fan of mint so he was recommended the Arlequin by Sonya to try out their raspberry and strawberry blend without the mint garnish! This was a raspberry nectar and strawberry syrup blend in a soda base, garnished with mint leaves. These mint leaves aren’t blended into the drink, like the rest of the drinks we tried, instead are just used as garnishing – and were kindly not included in Habib’s drink.


Being a popular place of very high etiquette, prices are bound to be quite high. But for a one-off high-tea, I personally think it’s a good way to sit down and enjoy some good and quieter family time, away from the hectic holiday activities we’ve been up to. A pretty place to sit down and chill for a bit. Enjoy the atmosphere and the sunshine (with the AC on 😁)


Overall, Ladurée was definitely a place we were glad to have visited, and deffo one of to tick the box for me and Mama.

To visit again? Yeah probably, in good time. It’d be wonderful to take the ladies of for some tea in a pretty atmosphere ❤ Especially with the great customer service we received by all the staff, especially Sonya, who made us feel welcomed and shared her knowledge of Ladurée.

And I’m definitely going back in for those ROSE SCENTED HAND TOWELS!! The sweetest and best smelling hand wipes you’ve probably ever come across! Yes, I bought one back home with me! 🙈😁








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