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So Baba picks me up from college everyday, today Mama came too and they surprised me to one of my most waited places to go! @KakeTemptations! Yah I’ve been following them since forever and I finally get them.. Yay!! … especially because today was just a long hard day, working for five hours in my wedges – thank god no blisters! – finishing off bits and bobs, making sure my fashion project was given in, finally!

Imagine a child at a candy store – yepp that was me! I was so excited about going into the shop, and we’ve not even gone inside the store.

So we walk in and the interior is so cool. It’s small and simple but vibrant, especially the rainbow stripes on the walls – and as @tauseef1 says, it’s their famous wall! Ooh loved that! It’s not your usual cake shop, where it’s a warm, wooden atmosphere with fairy lights and all that vintage fancy stuff, which I adoreeee ❤, but it’s unique, colourful and so fun! Comfy sofas set in place… yasss I’m loving the atmosphere @KakeTemptations has!

Okay whilst we queue up, I “choose” which cupcakes I’m getting. Yepp “choose” because I just couldn’t choose. There were so many goodies, I just wanted to buy them all!! But all okay, no holding up queues cuz Mama stepped and helped me pick out some cupcakes and a few other goodies too. 😁

^^^ Check Out How Good They Look 😍😍😍 Especially Those Occasional Cakes (the ones next to me in the last picture)

So, here’s what we picked out!

** BEWARE! Goodies so good, they make you drool **

Cupcake Number 1 – Lotus Biscoff

This one was a MUST to pick. Not only is this flavour like trending everywhere, it’s one of my favourite Krispy Kremes from their new collection.

The sweet biscoff buttercream icing with the caramel drizzle had me finger licking forever!!!! And obviously the soft, moist biscoff cupcakes with the caramel core. Yum Yum Yum. By far my favourite of all the cupcakes I’ve tried.

Cupcake Number 2 – Chocolate Sundae

Another one I picked out because … chocolate! I’m not a chocoholic anymore but still am a chocolate lover. In fact, it’s one flavour I always go for unless I’m feeling funky.

This one was chocolate all over. Chocolate buttercream, chocolate cake, chocolate sauce and chocolate core. A serious chocolate cupcake. It wasn’t too sweet either, so all those wondering “damn that must be a diabetes filled cupcake” nahhh it ain’t toooo sweet. It’s a perfect chocolate cupcake. The core just oozed as I cut it through the middle. Tooooooooo good !!!

Cupcake Number 3 – Ferrero Rocher!

Mama picked this one but I was going to anyway. It’s one of those that everyone goes for and I’m guessing cuz its Ferrero Rocher and who doesn’t like them?

Chocolate cupcake, soft and moist as they all are, chocolate buttercream core and top and a halved Ferrero to top it all off. It’s similar to the chocolate sundae cupcake just a different core and different topping. I’d say ermmm I liked this one better, but only cuz it was less messy than the other one. Otherwise quite similar tastes.

Cupcake Number 4 – Mango & Passion Fruit

A moment of silence of how amazing this cupcake was…. Someone send some more over right now – 1AM craves!

I tend not to go for the more exotic and fruity cupcakes because I’m a bit iffy on them. I feel they wont turn out right. But this one just amazed me! It was like the perfect cupcake. And after the lotus biscoff one, this one has to be the best cupcake EVER!

Plain cupcake and (a sweet mango) buttercream on top – don’t actually know if this was flavoured – a drizzle of sauce with a sauce core. Like this cupcake was so amazing, I even forgotten what the flavours were. **someone please just go get me this cupcake right now!** Anyway, I’m just going to assume that the sauce was mango and passion fruit – I might just be pretty sure it was – and it was aaaammaaazzingggggg! It had a sharp, tangy passion fruit taste with the sweetness on the mango in the back. It’s a bit like a Solero basically; yanoe that ice lolly thingy?!

However, there weren’t much cake 😐 A lot of the tangy sauce inside it all got soaked up by the cake, which made it feel like there was less cake. And I could do with some more of that moist, soft cupcake that KakeTemptation do so well! Otherwise I loved it!

Cupcake Number 5 – Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcake

A snicker piece on top makes it the perfect ‘Snicker’ cupcake. A rich chocolate cupcake with thick and sticky caramel core. Mmm-mmm! This was a really nice one. I managed to get a nibble before it was all gone. The nutty buttercream was too good too, and obviously, the rich chocolate drizzle on top.

Cupcake Number 6 – Nutella Waffle

Ermm, Nutella is one of those things that goes with literally anything – not tried it in a curry yet 😉 joke joke hee hee – and cupcakes is deffo one of them. I guess I can call this the basic cupcake cuz it was plain cupcake, Nutella core and buttercream and a piece of waffle on top. I’m not a waffle fan because I didn’t quite like the texture of the ones I’ve eaten previously. Overall it was nice. My little brother seemed to like it a lot though!

Now onto the other goodies Mama picked up too…

Goodie Number 1 – Oatmeal and Cinnamon Cookie Sandwich

Mama picked this for herself (and others at home). She likes cinnamon and you can’t go wrong with an oatmeal cookie! Cinnamon isn’t my thing; I just don’t like it, although I do quite like Cinnabons. I guess all that sugar in the icing makes it tastes so good. Unfortunately, our Leicester branch closed down, so no more Cinnabons for us Leicesterians. 😢

This was an oatmeal cookie sandwich with a cinnamon frosting centre – so I was told. She loved it! G’ma really liked it too. I had a nibble of it and thought it was nice, not too sweet either. I’d say a little less cinnamon for me, but that’s cuz I ain’t a cinnamon kinda person.

Goodie Number 2 – Cookie Dough Brownie

It’s their special! The cookie dough brownie is one of their most popular buys and I was deffo going to get this. Can’t leave the shop without buying the most popular!

And Yasss! It was a favourite at home too! We all loved it at home. They certainly do make really good cookie doughs and their brownie is nice and soft too. I tend to go for gooey brownies when I do but this one was a perfect brownie for the cookie dough combination.

Goodie Number 3 – “In A Jar!”

I was excited for this one! They have a red velvet version to this, but I went for the choc chip cookie dough and brownie one – although I wish I went for the red velvet because we bought loads of chocolate goodies and the brownie already. But I was so happy Mama got this because it was absolute deliciousness in a jar. All I gotta say ask for next time is “do you do bigger jars?” 😁

Though it was pretty sweet; so I wouldn’t recommend to those who can’t take too much sweetness.

The jar was split into two – one side cookie dough and one side brownie – then frosting on top and extremely thick chocolate spread-like ‘thing’ on top. Felt it was a bit Malteasers like but it was so good!

Customer Service

Without a doubt, friendly service provided. @Tauseef1 served us and he was super smiley ☺☺☺


And obviously, all of this was so good, I planned another trip to @KakeTemptations with my friend @MunaEid!

I went for the Chocolate Cake Stack and the Red Velvet Cake Shake and it was sooooo good, I really wanted another one!!! Until Next Time!


And obvs take away was necessary!

Two Mango and Passion Cupcakes and a Cookie Dough Brownie Please! ❤

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