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Sun’s been out good for the past couple of days and we’re loving it. Thought we’d get the bikes out and go for a quick round to Cossington Park, when my stomach decided to “grr grr”

I’d heard of a new Indian sandwich shop open somewhere up on Melton Road and had seen it once when I drove by, so why not fill up the stomach with a good ol’ sandwich, Mumbai Street Style 😏😏

Before I start, here’s a new word for your dictionary “Sarnie”

I do mention this quite a bit in this blog. It’s just a British informal word for a Sandwich! 😁😁


Click Here For Location!

As I was the only one hungry – as per usual – I got myself their Sandwich Of The Month! The Authentic Bombay Sandwich.

The Authentic Bombay Grilled Sandwich (right of the menu) is their

famous triple decker sandwich filled with potato, tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, beetroot, cheese and green chutney

and dayuuum it was good.

Obviously my favourite part was the potato in the sandwich because potato is just life; can’t live life without them, seriously! It was perfectly seasoned sliced potatoes, which were a little sweet but with the green chutney – homemade I assume – it was perfect!

The sandwich had perfect portions with a bit of everything and though it’s a lot of ingredients for a grilled sarnie, they used the right amount for the perfect taste – not too much, not too less. So it’s not like they were over generous with the ingredients that your sandwich is pretty much on the floor than in your mouth, and it’s not under-filled either. Nobody likes an under-filled sandwich 😐

The middle slice, of the triple decker, was a grilled cheese slice of bread, which went with

the rest of the Bombay Grilled Sandwich. I’m not much of a cheese fan, makes me sick if there’s the slightest of extra to my liking, but the cheese didn’t overpower the rest of the sarnie, but complemented it so well!

I’m a tomato hater *tells self: “hate is a strong word🙄😪”* so I picked out the tomato 🙈

The sandwich deal comes with a choice of sauces. He recommended the Chilli & Ketchup Sauce and the Chilli Mayo, The Mayo was okay, think it was shop bought, but was good with the sarnie.

I didn’t need the sauces because the Authentic Bombay Grilled Sandwich was just soooo good on it’s own!

Paprika crisps on the side was part of the sarnie deal too. Max Paprika do no harm 😁

So a sarnie, paprika crisps and a selection of sauce tubs for £3.95. Not bad ayy?!


A vibrant interior with the popular station signs on the walls. A unique thing which I really like was the customer reviews. They’d stuck customer reviews on the walls and windows of the shop. How cool is that!

But other than that, the first thing Mama noticed was the Thums Up and Limca drinks. Oh how she remembered her India trip! 😝

All the sarnies are made right in front of you and so everything is just in front of you. It did look a bit untidy but it was clean, hygienically.

Customer Service

Friendly, fun and very kind. They were nice to talk to and made you feel like you’ve known them for a long time. A very happy pair at the Mumbai Sandwich Station.

They even wrote Thank You on the box. Little Things… 😊

A Triple Decker Sandwich Indian Street Style? Hell Yeah!



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