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Hey Boo!
Another #FoodBlog right at yah!
So, I finally made it to the very much craved @Boo_Burger  and boy was it good!
It’s newly opened and there’s been so much craze for it! Like come on; Starbucks cups are sooooo last year! It’s all about the Boo’s cups. Oh Wait, did I mention they were refillable? 😊
As expected it was packed, I’m just glad we found a spot to sit; the window seats. Nope, not my favourite place to sit. Don’t like the stares as I dive right into my food, especially as Boo is right on the main street!

Luckily, by the time we’d finished deciding on which burgers we’re having, a space freed up on a lower table. They haven’t got a huuuge variety on the menu so it was easy to pick what we wanted. Having a selection of six different burgers (one vegetarian option) each including extra toppings – onion strings and beef rashers, each at £1 extra and extra cheese for 50p.

The burger comes in two sized, double or triple. First thoughts were “how am I supposed to finish a doubly patty” but when I saw it searing on the grill, they were flat patties, so that, for me, was okay – unless anyone was expecting a full-on double patty. Cheese was sandwiched between the two patties.
For sides, Boo offered ZiggyFries – for £2 and £3 with cheese – and wings or bites either sticky or buffalo style at £3.50/£4. Personally, for the portion size on the sides, it is slightly overpriced.

Big BOO!
I went for the Big Boo burger. A double patty with onion strings and beef rashers. Homemade at its finest. You can tell how freshly made they are and they’re not pre-prepared or frozen. Although I’d prefer a little extra seasoning in the burger, it was juicy and succulent.
The beef rashers were tender and not too chewy, again a little under seasoned.
The onion strings were my favourite part, mainly because I’m an onion fan! They were extremely greasy but very tasty. Perfectly seasoned, perfectly sliced – not too thick and not to thin – and tasty batter.
Burger sauce was spot on! Think I might just ask for some extra burger sauce on the side cuz it was god damn finger licking good.
Fresh bit of salad – bigger than the burger – a tomato slice and three gherkin slices. I’m not a counter on how much topping is in my burger but honestly that’s all there was! 😬
Burger buns were fresh off the truck too and slightly hot plated. These weren’t too soft and held the burger together.
Overall a decent burger and a good combo too, could’ve done with a bit more seasoning, but just like a good old homemade burger done well!

Simply Rate It!
All for £7! Worth it? Ermm… Seasoning let it down unfortunately. I’d probably price it at £4.50/£5 with their price rate.

Mama went for the Smoky burger, but it wasn’t like I wasn’t going to tuck in too! This one was again a double patty with beef rashers.
A little disappointed because it wasn’t a smoky burger. Mama quite liked it but i think i would’ve preferred a smokier taste to it. It was just without the onion strings. It did taste good however, better seasoning than my burger.

Simply Rate It!
For £6! Worth it? Ermm… Well it wasn’t smoky so nahh, not impressed. I’d probably price it at £3.50/£4 with their price rate. Would love to know what it tastes like with the smoky flavour.

Chick-A-Boo! (with Onion Strings)
So the rest of the squad went for the Chick-A-Boo Burger. A standard chicken fillet burger with burger sauce. Chicken fillet was crispy and tender. The batter was seasoned well but I felt the chicken itself was bland. Really liked the crispiness of the batter though.
Just lettuce on this one.
What I really did like was the burger sauce in this Chick-A-Boo Burger. The best burger sauce going! It was a tangy-like burger sauce which was the most PERFECT sauce to go in this burger. It was so good, I’d probably ditch my Boo Burger for the Chick-A-Boo just for the sauce. Yes! That’s how good it was!
That’s all the Chick-A-Boo Burger had to offer. So though it was a standard crispy chicken burger, the special burger sauce sent it top ranks! Where the Chicken Conissieur at?
My aunt went for the extra onion strings. I absolutely love their onion strings and they went so well in this burger – although the beef burger combo was a better one!

Simply Rate It!
For £5.50 (with onion strings £6.50)! Worth it? Ermm… yeah it was pretty decent and the burger sauce is to die for so yeah at their price rate, worth it!

ZiggyFries (with cheese)
What I found amazing was their fluffiness but crisp ZiggyFries. I think the cut of chips is the reason for its perfect chip texture – and also the name! Look how they’ve been cut! For £2 however, a bit overpriced for the portion you get. And with cheese were for £3. A pound extra for just a bit of cheese on top! That’s a no-no!

Buffalo Bites
Boyyyyyyyyy were these goooodd!!! A similar tangy sauce to the one in the Chick-A-Boo Burger but spicier! I’M IN LOVE!
Again, portion size small for £4. Had about 7/8 small pieces. Can I buy a bucket next time?!

Simply Rate It!
The price! Worth it? Ermm… portion sizes are too small, but I guess that’s a standard in their price rate. Though I would like it if they had more sizing options on their sides. Buffalo Bites My FAV!!

They provided wet towels in single packs, as well as your standard sauce sachets, which is perfect to help yourself with.

Oooh my favourite part! REFILLABLES. The usual soft drinks but refillable! Who don’t love a good refillable to go with their meal? For £2.35, I guess that’s a standard. As well as the regular soft drinks, they had ‘The Blue One’. This was a fizzy bubblegum flavoured soft drink.
I went for the usual “Simply’s Mix” … 1/3 Cola, 1/3 Orangeade & 1/3 Lemonade (obviously depending on the brands available).

I loved the ambience of the restaurant. It had a simplistic, urban look and feel to it. A monochrome colour scheme to the interior of the restaurant. My kinda look! I’m glad it was simplistic though because space-wise, there wasn’t much.
Though they have a capacity of approx. 70 people, it is very tightly packed. No space for pushchairs or wheelchairs. There were baby highchairs.
I quite liked the seating style. Simple black chairs and benches as well as one long sofa against one wall. This was a nice teal colour, which added a pop of colour to the monochrome theme, just like the legs of the stools for the round tables. My favourite ‘pop of colour’ was the bright pink #booburger sign opposite the counter!

Access to the building is difficult too for those with pushchairs or wheelchair users. High steps for the entrance would cause access issues for them ☹

Very clean however. Staff come and clean up as soon as customers leave, which is great for their busy atmosphere.
They only had one toilet in the restaurant unfortunately. I needed to visit the loo but every time I stood up to go, it was occupied. My little brother said it was very clean though.

The staff were friendly and smiley. We were served by Moses, who was super smiley and had some good banter too 😝
It was very busy but we didn’t have to wait long for it; we got our drinks in the meantime. They have food buzzers to call you over, which I thought was quite cool!

Overall a really good place to visit. Deffo coming back soon! Spacing is the only major issue, bearing in mind how busy it gets!!!

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